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Monday, May 19, 2008

Child: Its for Kids…

No… its about kids… Its for parents in fact!

Hey Moms & Dads, CHILD, a complete monthly Child-care guide just for you is launched by Media Transasia India Ltd. last month. CHILD India is launched under sub-license from Meredith Publishing Group, USA (publishers of leading magazines like ‘American Baby’ and ‘Parents’). You must be aware of that the Media Transasia is also publishes various magazines like ‘Swaagat’, ‘Maxim’, ‘Travel + Leisure’, ‘Better Homes & Gardens’ and ‘Golf Style’ etc.

Indian edition of CHILD is edited by Vatsala Kaul Benerjee along with a whole list of Child care specialists & experts on the board of advisors. Mission of CHILD is to provide a support the efforts of parents, educators, caregivers who strive to make this world a better place for children so that our children can grow up in a healthy, happy, loving & safe environment.

Just perfect...! Being a father of two I can say that its really worth of Rs.100 which is the cover price for this value pack. Its not just talk about kid up to 12 years but it also talks about kids from 0 to 9 months.

And trust me, its not just the amount of the content which impressed me. It is well defined structure of that fully packed content. No, I am not exaggerating. To advocate my statement let me tell you that on the content pages itself every article is tagged whether that is relevant for the age group of 0-12 months or 1-2 years or
2-3 years or 4-5 or 6-8 or 9-12 years! To make its navigation more reader friendly the age-by-age guide is given here on the content pages.

Launch issue is carrying cover stories on Summer Splash, new must-get goodies, fun crafts. The same issue is also featuring ‘Every Mom’s Back To School Kit’. Since its Summer vacations are here so, CHILD’s launch issue also providing you the ultimate list of 100 Top movies for your kids!!!

Neat & Clean. It is simple & pages are looking just elegant. Few pages disappoints and specially cover & the content pages. Mast head is very impressive, very strong and it is looking good. But picture looks tailor-made and typo used for cover stories is inconsistent. It also shows lack of clarity of your product positioning. Same is with the content pages which can be improved far better.

Inside pages are superb in terms of design & layout. Each page looks full of content but still not cluttered. Lots of design elements, icons, slugs, info graphics & illustrations are there through out the magazine, which are really adding value & the interest in the actual content.

Printing is great. Pre production work is again excellent. Photographs are looking very bright. Yes, exceptions are there but overall quality is managed very well though the nature of magazine is quite photographs heavy.

As I mentioned earlier, this the content which you are getting at this cover price. Rest everything you get along with, is the bonus :-). In fact, at this price, fully packed 160 pages are just perfect. It’s a great value for money for any reader.

It is a magazine which reminds an old ad-line ‘Jo apni biwi se sachmuch Karen pyar, Wo prestige se bhalaa kaise Karen Inkaar’. Bottom line is that if you really love your kids it is a must-read for you dear parent.

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