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Monday, June 18, 2007

My Mobile: Mera Wala Mobile

Hi Friends,

Some publishers feel that technology is for English speaking population only and that’s why they want to address them only. They make excuse that their advertisers also don’t believe that Hindi speaking population also has potential to afford technology.

Some publishers dare to prove that even Hindi speaking population has lots of potential and they dare to launch a magazine for this target audience. They not only launch but they also seed their product until advertisers also start believing the same.

Just two years old, India’s first exclusive magazine on mobile phones ‘My Mobile’ has launched its Hindi edition with the same name this month as a beta issue. This beta issue is available on selected shops at Rs.25.

Apart from product reviews, tests & product buying guide, Hindi edition also carrying informative features & articles on mobile trends, technology and information about accessories. As regular column, it has Mobile doctor, Consumer forum, Mobile tariff & my guide to help a reader to make a cost effective decision.

‘My Mobile’ has already created number one position for itself in this segment; Hindi edition has also potential to create the same respect for it as it has no competition.

You must be aware that My Mobile is published by My Mobile Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. which is a brainchild of Pankaj Mahendroo, National President of Indian Cellular Association (ICA).

Its parent magazine’s website is where you can also find synopsis of the cover story of current month and network trends and information on handsets & service providers.

Models & Trends: Four Fs…

Hi Friends,

Fun. Fashion. Films. Fame. A tagline for newly launched magazine ‘Models n Trends’ which I can’t see fulfilled after going through the Jun 07 issue.

A perfect bound magazine of 82 pages, priced at Rs.50, is having a very nice picture of Deepika Padukone on the cover. Master-head is also attractive. But the cover design is poor because of badly placed & illogically presented cover stories on it.

Content is also not great and pages are even badly laid out. Designer & Visualiser have done lots of experiments in the same issue of the magazine which shows their lack of experience in magazine publication. Otherwise they could have presented beautifully this vibrant subject of fashion & glamour.

You can also visit at for a glance of the magazine and for the models full portfolios.

CIO Decisions: Strong Decisions

Hi Friends,

After seeing launches of channel magazines from The Express Group & IDG India in last few months, its time for us for being witness of launch of ‘CIO Decisions’, a CIO focused B2B magazine for enterprises.

CIO, who is no longer responsible only for IT implementation & maintenance rather his role is now evolved as a leader, strategist and business analyst. This change has brought an obvious change in his information needs, which ‘CIO Decisions’ is going to address through its features on IT management, strategy and business alignment.

‘CIO Decisions’ has got tie-up with TECHTARGET, a world leader Information provider for IT professionals & executives to make cost-effective IT purchase decisions and managing IT projects. Another strong point may be its advisory panel which has veterans from IT & business like, Chinar Deshpande (Pantaloon), Avinash Sankholkar (L&T), CN Ram (HDFC), Pravir Vohra (ICICI), S Ramasamy (IOC), Mani Mulki (Godrej), Hilal Isar Khan (Honda), Sandeep Phanasgaonkar (Reliance), Sanjeev Goel (Hindalco), Sunil Mehta (JWT), Chandrashekhar Nene (Kingfisher) etc.

Editorial content wise inaugural issue of CIO-D is looking quite informative though its design & presentation could have even better but unfortunately it always take back seat for almost every B2B magazine and so is with CIO-D.

At the cover price of Rs.50, inaugural issue of ‘CIO Decisions’ is also bundled with inaugural issue of its sister publication ‘Information Storage’. 64 pager Information Storage is going to target enterprises’ information need for premium storage & storage management. Information Storage has also strong advisory panel having Avijit Basu (HP), Sharad Srivastava (WD), Gopalakrishna Ramavana (NetApp), Manoj Chugh (EMC), Sumit Mukhija (Cisco), Shailesh Agarwal (IBM), Vishal Dhupar (Symantec) and Sivasankaran Lakshminarayan (Sun Microsystems) on the board.

Immediately after these two launches, The Express Group is going to launch another B2B title ‘Information Security’, targeting enterprise security & risk managers to provide solution to their network threats.

A Ready Reckoner for Indian Magazine Industry

Hi Friends,

It is as comprehensive & practical as its name itself suggests. PITCH, four & half year old magazine which targets at Ad-Marketing-Media is carrying this special magazine along with its latest issue on the regular cover price.

‘Ready Recknoer’ is a 184 pager (yes, thicker than its parent magazine PITCH which is 96 pages magazine) perfect bound special magazine which is carrying in depth, incisive study of advertising trends in 20 different genres of Indian Magazines. It also looks at the global magazine publishing trends.

Top 20 genres, which they have studied, are General Interest, Women, Fashion-Entertainment-Lifestyle, Business & Finance, InfoTech, Auto, Media-Advertisement-Marketing, Career & Education, Men, Travel, Science & Engineering, Sports, Healthcare, Telecom, Real Estate, Franchising, Films, In-flight, City Centric and Spirituality/Holistic healing.

People, who are magazines buff, who love to read a variety of magazine, regardless of their core interest of subject, they will definitely love to read a compilation of profiles of around 125 magazines from different genres. Apart from this, you can also read invaluable opinions and outlook of various renowned media people like Ashish Bagga (India Today Group), Paresh Nath (Delhi Press), Maheshwar Peri (Outlook Group), Pradeep Gupta (Cyber Media), Marzban Patel (Mediascope Publicitas Group), R Rajmohan (Images Group) along with Anurag Batra (Exchange4media Group).

I would recommend everybody to go through this issue if you want to get a glance over Indian magazine industry in one go.