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Monday, June 18, 2007

My Mobile: Mera Wala Mobile

Hi Friends,

Some publishers feel that technology is for English speaking population only and that’s why they want to address them only. They make excuse that their advertisers also don’t believe that Hindi speaking population also has potential to afford technology.

Some publishers dare to prove that even Hindi speaking population has lots of potential and they dare to launch a magazine for this target audience. They not only launch but they also seed their product until advertisers also start believing the same.

Just two years old, India’s first exclusive magazine on mobile phones ‘My Mobile’ has launched its Hindi edition with the same name this month as a beta issue. This beta issue is available on selected shops at Rs.25.

Apart from product reviews, tests & product buying guide, Hindi edition also carrying informative features & articles on mobile trends, technology and information about accessories. As regular column, it has Mobile doctor, Consumer forum, Mobile tariff & my guide to help a reader to make a cost effective decision.

‘My Mobile’ has already created number one position for itself in this segment; Hindi edition has also potential to create the same respect for it as it has no competition.

You must be aware that My Mobile is published by My Mobile Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. which is a brainchild of Pankaj Mahendroo, National President of Indian Cellular Association (ICA).

Its parent magazine’s website is where you can also find synopsis of the cover story of current month and network trends and information on handsets & service providers.

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