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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Right HAIR Right Now…

Its time to get more and more niche! You can’t talk about fashion, style, beauty, hair… everything at once; you need to give enough space to every aspect to let it spread & grow. For that reason perhaps, in recent months a few of very niche interests magazines are launched in India and HAIR is one of them.

HAIR is UK’s best selling hair magazine which is launched in India by Spenta Multimedia at cover price of Rs. 50.

Inaugural issue’s Content of HAIR is fabulous. As its name suggests and being a niche magazine, content is more or less is about hair care, styling, dos-don’ts, advices, problems-solutions, make-over only. It is also carrying glam quotient by adding model-celeb’s styles & their interviews. Same issue is carrying an interesting section called- ‘The Style Guide- Cut & Color’, which is carrying different samples of various cuts & colors like blonde, dark, red, long, short and layers etc.. and ‘The Style Guide- Texture & Trends’, which shows samples of sleek, waves, curls, volume, fringes and updos etc. Other interesting articles/sections/columns are- ‘Make me Over’, ‘Busted 10 common haircare myths’ and obviously Expert advices.

A very space is given to Beauty also where beauty products are showcased And a few of skin & beauty advices are given.

Average…and cover is worse. Starting from image selection, image placing, layout of cover stories, presentation everything is bad. One can easily get confused about the masthead itself whether it is ‘HAIR & BEAUTY’? No consistency of using fonts (sizes, colors). Very carelessly Single-tier, 2-tier and 3-tier lines are used on the cover.

Inside pages are slightly better than the cover, but again style sheet is not followed strictly. In this kind of magazines, where lots of advertorials and sponsored sections/articles are there, it becomes even more critical to have very carefully prepared design style sheet and to follow it religiously. Still, a few pages like ‘Make me Over’, ‘The Style Guide’ are good.

Being an international publication, Indian edition is also carrying lots of UK content which disconnects an Indian reader a little bit, but it can be taken care by putting Indian faces & images on pages.

despite of being a spenta product, printing quality of HAIR is average. Overall colors are looking very dull. Even pre-press/designer hasn’t taken care of cover image and has spoiled the cover.

It could be classier if it was printed on better paper. And looking at price, it can be improved.

Overall, content of HAIR is equally useful for an individual consumer as well as for beauty parlor or salon people.

Content ......................: ●●●◐○
Design & Layout ........: ●●●○○
Printing ......................: ●●◐○○
Product ......................: ●●◐○○
Value for Money ........: ●●◐○○
‘VIRDI’CT ...................: ●●●○○

How to use ‘VIRDI’CT..??
●○○○○ Browse & leave it
●●○○○ Borrow & Read it
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