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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

StyleSpeak: Making a Style Statement

Yes, I do agree with Editor Sandhya Chipalkatti, who is also publisher of her recently launched Style & Fashion magazine called STYLESPEAK. According to Chiplakatti, fashion in India not only arrived but has spread over the market in an organized manner and therefore it is no longer can be dominated by selected few. Hosting of four major fashion weeks every year in India is the big evidence.

STYLESPEAK is launched by C & E Media, a division of Conferences & Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd. at cover price of Rs.100. Being a B2B magazine, mainly targeting to Salon & Spa owners not the consumers; it is not available on news stands but can be subscribed.

Keeping their target audience in mind, content doesn’t impress much. This 64 pager magazine carrying a very less number of useful & practical articles which leave a reader more informed or educated behind.

From the point of usefulness, only ‘Salon management’, ‘Step by Step, ‘Expert Speak’ & ‘StyleFile’ are OK. Rests of the pages are just the showcase of products or fashion shows. To make it more useful, it should have more articles like ‘Education’, ‘Expert Advice’ & ‘Step by Step’ etc.

A very long list of names of Doctors, experts, specialist, stylists is given in the colophon as editorial advisors, contributors, columnists which impresses a reader very much in the beginning but disappoint you when you enter in the magazine and can’t see any strong & fruitful article.

Poor…(but while writing this review, next issue came in my hands and I can see the significant improvements in it). Starting from the cover, masthead is strong and fine. Since content is not so appealing, there is no strong cover story to put on the cover. And perhaps knowing the fact that it is a non-news-stand magazine, it is not considered seriously. Even in B2B magazines, cover stories can be put in some interesting & inviting way instead of putting some very dry-incomplete-meaningless words.

As I mentioned, layout of inside pages is improved in latest issue but still lots of basic design mistakes are there which clearly show the lack of style sheet.

Despite of being a salon & spa magazine, you can’t see skin tones accurately on most of the pages (apart from a few advertisement pages).

Paper quality of the magazine as well as the cover is very good and that’s why with even 64 pages, the magazine is perfect bound.

Anyways, magazine is targetting spa & parlor owners which defintely would love this product if more articles on their profitability or business tips can be put in next issues. Design, as I said, is improved than first issue but still required to be tweaked.

Content ......................: ●●○○○
Design & Layout ........: ●●◐○○
Printing ......................: ●●○○○
Product ......................: ●●◐○○
Value for Money ........: ●●○○○
‘VIRDI’CT ...................: ●●○○○

How to use ‘VIRDI’CT..??
●○○○○ Browse & leave it
●●○○○ Borrow & Read it
●●●○○ Buy it occasionally
●●●●○ Buy regularly
●●●●● Subscribe it now!!!

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