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Monday, June 18, 2007

A Ready Reckoner for Indian Magazine Industry

Hi Friends,

It is as comprehensive & practical as its name itself suggests. PITCH, four & half year old magazine which targets at Ad-Marketing-Media is carrying this special magazine along with its latest issue on the regular cover price.

‘Ready Recknoer’ is a 184 pager (yes, thicker than its parent magazine PITCH which is 96 pages magazine) perfect bound special magazine which is carrying in depth, incisive study of advertising trends in 20 different genres of Indian Magazines. It also looks at the global magazine publishing trends.

Top 20 genres, which they have studied, are General Interest, Women, Fashion-Entertainment-Lifestyle, Business & Finance, InfoTech, Auto, Media-Advertisement-Marketing, Career & Education, Men, Travel, Science & Engineering, Sports, Healthcare, Telecom, Real Estate, Franchising, Films, In-flight, City Centric and Spirituality/Holistic healing.

People, who are magazines buff, who love to read a variety of magazine, regardless of their core interest of subject, they will definitely love to read a compilation of profiles of around 125 magazines from different genres. Apart from this, you can also read invaluable opinions and outlook of various renowned media people like Ashish Bagga (India Today Group), Paresh Nath (Delhi Press), Maheshwar Peri (Outlook Group), Pradeep Gupta (Cyber Media), Marzban Patel (Mediascope Publicitas Group), R Rajmohan (Images Group) along with Anurag Batra (Exchange4media Group).

I would recommend everybody to go through this issue if you want to get a glance over Indian magazine industry in one go.

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