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Thursday, April 26, 2007

HELLO! India

Hi Friends,

I have told you in my previous mails that April month has brought lots of inaugural & special issues of different magazines. "HELLO!" is one new entrant in Indian market after "OK!" which is a celebrity news magazine and is launched by Worldwide Media Pvt. Ltd.

To maintain the trend of staying pioneer in putting exclusive pictures and/or stories in the magazine, inaugural issue of HELLO! is carrying worldwide exclusive pictures of marriage of Liz Hurley & Arun Nayar (you must be aware of other story about selling exclusive copy rights to publish these pictures to this magazine in a just few million dollars only :). And it worked well for the magazine sale. (Last week on some TV news channel, the editor of Indian edition, Ruchika Mehta, revealed that next issue of HELLO! will be carrying some exclusive pictures of Aish-Abhi… no…not their marriage's but when they were getting closer on the set of 'Umraao Jaan').

This was the same magazine that had published worldwide exclusive pictures of Brad, Jolie with their new baby- Shiloh. A few months back.

Other than Liz-Arun wedding story, the same inaugural issue is also peeping into Poonawallas' (India's premier racing family) weekend, Saif-Rosa and Hugh-Jemima part ways stories.

Original HOLA! (HELLO!), the SA edition, is the weekly edition while in India it is launched as 124 page monthly magazine at cover price of Rs. 50.

Well, people who love to read about celebs, want to look their pictures when they are on holidays or dating or breaking or partying… they would definitely love this magazine because of one, exclusive reporting and second, big sized glossy paper of the magazine. I personally feel that reporting and pictures may be exclusive in HELLO! but the presentation, layout and designing could be far better than it is.



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