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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Time Out please...

Hi Friends,

You might be aware that 39 years ago 'Time Out' was started in London and after its journey of almost four decade, today it has more than 56 versions world wide. Just two and half years ago it was launched in India by Paprika Media for the Mumbai city and it just changed the rules of the game for the city magazines in India.

Well, Time Out Mumbai is an entertainment and lifestyle magazine that showcases reviews and previews of Mumbai’s art, books, children, dance, health and spirituality, film, television, radio, music, nightlife, sports, restaurants & eating out and shopping services. It comprehensively guides readers through the fascinating range of entertainment and cultural opportunities that exist in Mumbai. Time Out Mumbai features witty, intelligent reviews and previews and comprehensive, accurate listings.

After witnessing the success of Time Out Mumbai, other major publication houses also awaken and that’s why, I think, India Today started 'Simply Mumbai' and Outlook launched the 'Mumbai City Limits' but both the magazines are still being freely distributed with their mother brands.

This week, Paprika media has launched 'Time Out Delhi' for Delhiets to showcase Delhi in a new perspective. Delhi edition will be edited by Editor Avtaar Singh. Following the trend its again a fortnightly magazine and priced at Rs.30 only.

I hope that this edition is set to repeat its success and going to be appreciated by Delhi people.



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