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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Man & Wife: Bond...Strongest Bond!

Hi Friends,

April month has brought a tidal wave of inaugural issues of lods of Desi & Phirang magazines like ALLSPORTS, BRIDE AND STYLE, MAN & WIFE, HELLO, PARENTS TODAY, BETTER HOMES & GARDENS! I am sure; there must be lots of others also which I may have missed because of my very limited access to the market.

Let me start with- MAN & WIFE (yes, you read it right...its not Man & Wine.), a bi-monthly magazine on Relationships, or 'your guide to successful matrimony' as its editor, Mitu Bisht defines the magazine. Man & Wife is launched by BIB publications and this 64 page – perfect bound magazine is priced at Rs.60.

Inaugural issue is carrying four stories on the cover and three out of them are carrying the word 'Marriage' in it, which shows how marriage centric this magazine is! Cover image is good but they could have design it better and could have utilize cover space smartly. The only thing is perfect is its Mast-head which is quite strong & prominent.

Well at a glance, Man & Wife is printed in a big size and on good quality of paper but its design is poor. Designer has overlooked a lots of basic design rules and needed to rework to improve the layout and the presentation of the content. There is no consistency even in any two articles. Content is also not so impressive as it looks like a compilation of articles printed in news papers' Sunday supplements. As Mitu wrote in her edit note- the way to go… I believe they will improve their content & design to make it successful as they are trying our marriages successful.



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