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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bride & Style: Something about marry!

Hi Friends,

BRIDE AND STYLE is another magazine in the same segment i.e. Marriage which is coincidently launch in the same month by ITE India Pvt. Ltd. Another coincident (apart from that both magazines are Delhi based) is that its also edited by a lady editor- Geetika Sharma who started her welcome edit note with- Cicero called marriage the first bond of society- and has crafted a beautiful & crisp piece of her editorial.

Cover of the Inaugural issue is quite ok but could be improved if a few things would have kept in mind. Inside pages are well-designed. Content pages could be more informative as they fail to communicate the editorial structure of the magazine. Still, I find it’s a decent bouquet of editorial features along with lots of regular columns. Another thing I liked is that they have conceived articles from various different genre but they have beautifully crafted them around the theme of the magazine- 'marriages' only whether its about style, or about make-up or about skin care or about places or about entertainment or health or about shopping… everything is either bride focused or marriage centric.

Bride & Style is also printed in broad size and has used a good quality of paper which gives you a feel of rich content. 154 page magazine is (im)perfect bound as its each and every page has already come out from binding in one reading only. This quarterly magazine is priced at Rs.100 which I think, looking at its content, is fine.



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