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Monday, April 16, 2007

Prevention: Its better than cure!

Hi Friends,

You might be aware that the last November, India Today Group has launched 'men’s health' for men. In less than a six months time, same group has launched a health magazine for women- PREVENTION. Unlike ‘Men’s Health’, which is more a lifestyle product, ‘Prevention’ is totally focused on health and fitness.

Prevention is 56 years old US based health magazine which is most trusted and well accepted in Greece, Poland, Mexico, Ukraine and Chile. From easy-to-implement "quick tips" to award-winning, cutting edge reporting, Prevention is uniquely positioned to tell readers: Here's what you really need to know, and here's what to do about it.

America's leading healthy lifestyle magazine is based on a simple and powerful promise: Make little changes, get big results. Prevention speaks to readers in a reassuring familiar voice about family health, food, nutrition, workouts, beauty, cooking, and more.

150-page magazine is priced at Rs. 50 in the size of Readers Digest and I think it’s perfect balance of price and information. Inaugural issue is carrying lods of useful articles including cover story- 'Save your Heart Now-A complete plan'. Other interesting articles are- 'Flatten your belly in 9 easy moves', 'Get new body- Step by Step', '6 powerfoods every woman needs' and 'Turn the clock back- 35 going on 25' which are definitely going to appeal their target audience.

Same issue is also carrying 16-page tiny booklet- Know your fruits- easy tips to calorie count. You must have remember that inaugural issue of 'men’s health' was carrying a merchandised pouch of KS, this issue of Prevention is also carrying sample capsules of Vitamin & Minerals- Revital from Ranbaxy.

Apart from the interesting and useful features and dense content, I am more impressed with the advisory panel having more than a dozen experts on it.

Prevention is started with a print run of 50,000 copies and I think it can leave an impact on its TG.


G. S. Virdi

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