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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

All Sports: Everything is fair... in Love, War & SPORTS!

Hi Friends,

India might have lost the Cricket World Cup, but the ventures which are started keeping world cup in the mind, haven’t lost their hopes and trying to do better… whether it is TV channel Neo Sports or it is newly launched monthly magazine- ALLSPORTS.

Yes, the name suggests 'All' sports but its like the reality in our country that Cricket overshadows everything else in the sports. For ALLSPORTS it may also true because when it is launched, the biggest event on the earth happening is the Cricket World Cup and that's why the inaugural issue is carrying the cover story on World Cup 2007. Poor editorial team was not aware that by the time this magazine will be released, India would have lost the match and people would have lost their interest from Cricket. Its wrong, if people believe that Cricket is religion in India. I think people in India don't bother about the Cricket game, they are concerned if and only if India is playing. This world cup scenario is the witness that the moment India came out the tournament; people stopped watching or even discussing the match. Today almost nobody is following what is happening in the match, they are quite happy in just knowing the result of the match instead of following every single ball.

So, idea of putting the image of World Cup on the cover of the inaugural issue is just gone into the drain. And as it is, the design of cover is poor and so unprofessional that it just can’t attract a reader on news stand. There are lods of unnecessary design elements on the cover which are making the cover congested.

Still in the first issue of Allsports, you can find F1, Football, Golf also. But the content is more like facts & figures which don't impress me much. I would rather like to read more features or in-depth analysises or expert opinions instead of reading referential score cards only.

Though, we don’t have any good sports magazine in India, there is definitely scope for one, but with this kind of content I don’t think Allsports can satisfy that need. 112 page monthly magazine is priced at Rs.50 and launched by SE publishing Pvt. Ltd and Edited by Mario Rodrigues. Magazine is backed by the Essel Group which is well known as an ambassador for sports, having vested interests in both Zee Sports and Ten Sports, giving the group the title of the World’s No 1 sports channels for South Asians - in addition to its involvement in Indian Football and the development of youth in sports.



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