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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Circle: Magazines are happening!

Hi Friends,

Yes, Its been quite some time when I wrote to you on this forum and few of you are teasing me- Kya hua Virdi, aajkal kuchh naya nahin ho raha kya market mein?

Its not that there nothing is happening in the magazines world, in fact lots of specials/anniversaries are happening these days. Most of the magazines create some or the other special in their Dec/Jan issues.

I think, magazines also try hard to get the maximum from the advertisers before the financial year closing. And that's why March becomes the wonderful time for the readers when they get lots of '…Extraaaas…Specials...' with many regular magazines.

'PLATFORM', a creative lifestyle magazine is celebrating its 2nd anniversary and for that special occasion they have come up with a free compilation of selected talented people from various fields like music, films, photography, dance, dj etc.

Another magazine, 'MY MOBILE' has also completed two years and I would say that the magazine has created its position in its niche.

'CIRCLE' is another lifestyle magazine, published & edited by Nazia Mallick from NOIDA, which has completed its one year this month.

'GLADRAGS' and 'THE MAN', both have come up with their Swimsuit Specials. Well, its tested & all time hit formula for making a successful issue once in a year…though, 'THE MAN' has done it twice a year as it had 'BIKINI SPECIAL' a few months back which was also a well sold issue… Yes, you are right, boys will be boys only…!!!

O by the way, boys reminded me that 'MAN'S WOLRD' has come up with its 7th anniversary issue at the price of Rs. 100. And boys, hold your breath…'DEBONAIR' has come up with its 33rd anniversary issue this month which is huge n bulky issue and that’s why it is priced at Rs. 200 only….Didn't I tell you that this time of the year brings a lots of extraaas for the readers…:-)

Well about new releases, I came across one tabloid magazine-PAGE3, which is published by 'Combined TV & Cine Network Pvt. Ltd.' from New Delhi. It’s a 30 pager weekly tabloid priced at Rs. 15 only. Nothing else is mentionable!

Enough for this time, keep reading!


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