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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Andpersand(&): Too Perfect or Too Overconfident?

A magazine, started as a quarterly a few months ago. Just after first issue's response, it became a bi-monthly magazine. Then again after second issue's response, it turned as a monthly magazine.

Hi Friends, I am talking about the magazine- &. that was launched in Miami, Amsterdam, Dubai and India a few months ago only, well in last September '06 precisely at cover price of Rs. 150 (Indian Edition). And recently its latest issue of 210 pages (broad size) is released in Indian market at cover price of Rs. 100 with a publisher's note that they have decided to make it a monthly magazine.

Further in his note, Publisher- Vikas Johari has also indicated that they have decided to launch two more titles in 2007: FORMS, a magazine about design and Architect and the JOHARI, a jewellary and beauty magazine.

Hmmmm, so fast...what do you say?

Anyways, I have gone through the latest issue and found it a very good package in terms of content versatility, design & layout, production & printing. Creativity in design, you can feel right from the cover as its three and half page fold 'editorial cover', which I have never seen before in any magazine.

Well, a broad sized magazine &., made of art paper, and has got 40 pages of advertisement also.

To get a feel of &., you can also logon to the



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