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Saturday, December 30, 2006

My Mobile: This may be a blank call

Hi Friends,

All of sudden, one starts realizing that he has got enough information about a particular domain and he starts feeling strong urge to share it with others, and then he publishes a magazine to quench his thirst.

Result…?? Launch of poor magazine like- "India Mobile". Editorially- just a clueless and design wiz- absolutely pathetic, monthly magazine which is published & edited by Pradeep Shinde.

Despite of being a consumer magazine, it is carrying B2B kind of cover story and that too in its inaugural issue!! Poorly done product reviews are presented badly. Same is with other articles like- game reviews, features, tips, add-ons etc…all are disconnected to the reality.

I can't see any reason, why would this magazine be appreciated by any mobile phone buyer and that too a 52 page magazine at cover price of Rs.50?? No way!

I would like to mention its only competitor and just 9 months old, India's first mobile genre magazine- "My Mobile". At the same cover price, its well conceived, thoughtfully structured and neatly presented magazine..And its doing quite well (news stand vendors say so…:).

Let's see, "India Mobile" improves itself or it loses the signal and becomes unavailable ;-)

Further, since its year ending, there are lots of special issues of various magazines are lying on news stands. "Business Today" is celebrating 15th anniversary, "Cosmopolitan" has come with a bulky special issue this month and that’s it!

I think this would be my last posting for this year. I wish that next year will bring lots of new magazines, special editions, innovations, excitements to us.

A very Happy & Prosperous New Year to you and your family!