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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Double Silver Jubilee celebrations in this week

Hi Friends,

"The Week" & "Business World" are celebrating their 25th anniversary in this week and come up with Giant issues- "Double Issue" and "25 years of Business" respectively.

BW is carrying the cover story- "In 25 years…" where they looked back over last 25 years of changing faces of Indian business, problems & solutions and economy. Well, it becomes very easy to create such a compilation of last years when you have a huge bank of your previous issues (the way BW had 25 years or 52 weeks' issues per years) on the other hand it fails also to structure the complied content to build a nicely crafted and focused issue. It gets lost the direction of what they want to build up in this issue. Same I could feel while I was going through its three pages long editorial (written by Mr. Tony Joseph) where he sometimes talks about the BW product itself, sometimes he talks about the evolving business and sometimes he gets lost in talking about his personal moves and achievements. Well, it is justified to talk about the product on this eventful occasion.

172 pages big Silver jubilee issue of BW (at the regular cover price of Rs.10) has covered rather picked all the highlights from their previous issues. For a glance it gives you a nice feeling of remembering those golden moments through old pages of BW once again, but nothing else. But yes, it is good to have a glance now if you have missed them in their time. (

The Week's double volume issue 172 + 100 pages in total is comparatively a great compilation and its presented in a good way that each picked up looks like an independent and new article itself along with the support of time-line facts.

Volume 1 of TW has "Great Indian Renaissance" as cover story which is started with an opening note by PM, Dr. Manmohan Singh and covering almost every important sector where India has left noticeable impact in last 25 years. It includes Nuclear, Globliasation, Consumer activism, Space, Judiciary, Economy, Pharma, Beauty business & fashion, Sports, Automobiles, Media & Literature and IT & Telecom also. Mr. P Chidambaram, Mr. Milton Friedman, Mr. Uday Kotak, Mr. Aziz Premji and Mr. Mukesh Ambani also have contributed there columns in this issue.

Volume 2 of the same issue is carrying "25 ways to improve your life in 2007" by Sri Sri Ravishankar on the cover. The same volume is also carrying the most poignant moment from History as well as forecast for 2007.

In all, this double issue is worth to go through and that too at regular cover price of Rs. 15.


G.S. Virdi