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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Different cover for the different person

Hi Friends,

Its in the continuation of my last post about split covers, Redbook also changes its cover for different reader. And the change will depend upon various things like, the geographical area, where do you live in the country, whether you are a news stand buyer or a subscriber, whether you want to buy low price edition and so on…

Below is one example of the same where Redbook is available with four different covers. One had a flap on the cover with a few extra cover lines… One for the one dollar less price from the rest buyers…one was the traditional look at $2.99..

Regardless of reader’s choice, there is plenty on the cover of the magazine for him to pick from, but be careful, if he subscribes, he will lose sex from the cover. As a subscriber, the sex cover line changes to love.

Rest assured the inside of all four different magazines is exactly the same…including the missing sex from the cover of the subscribers' edition :)

News Stand Copy (with SEX) & Subscriber's Copy (with LOVE)

Left Flap (Extra stories) & Low Cover Price Edition

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