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Monday, December 11, 2006

G2: A Rich Gujarati Thali!

Hi Friends,

Just came across to another interesting abbreviation- 'G2'.

Do you know what does it stand for? OKi..Here is the clue... it is close to 'T3' :)

Still you are wondering…fine, let me tell you, it is recently launched lifestyle (not anymore, please!!) magazine but hey..hey..Its about all Shahs, Patels, Mehtas…I mean, its about Gujjus…Yes, it is 'G2- the Global Gujarati'.

G2 is launched last week by Cymbal Media, a magazine publishing arm of Lokmat Group (publisher of dailies in three languages- Hindi, English & marathi and LOKMAT is fourth largest read daily in India with over 10 million readers and no.1 in Maharastra), which is established to create up-scale brands to showcase fashion, beauty, art, culture, travel etc. G2 is the first magazine among them in an International size (yes, bigger than T3) and very good quality of paper. According to Mr. Devendra Darda, Exec. Director of Lokmat Group & publisher of G2, This magazine will be distributed in several international markets.

Editorial focus of G2 will be the community that owns a biggest business market in India and also built empires around the globe. If editorially this can stick to their mission and their focus, which will be good otherwise chances are very high to get diversified from their concept.

Inaugural issue of G2 is looking good…but not great. Good, because of size and paper for sure, but cover design is poor. Cover girl Hrishitaa Bhatt is looking good but designer has spoiled the beautiful picture by putting other objects very badly on the cover. Anyways it doesn’t go along with the philosophy of the magazine itself!!! At least in the inaugural issue, they should take care of the positioning of this magazine which is going to be- a magazine about successful gujratis (ad parsis also) they have put Hrishitaa (?) on the cover as Smart & Sassy!! Master head is also looks like ‘GQ’ magazine’s mast head.

At the cover price of Rs.125, 104 pages of editorial content look very shallow and unnecessarily stretched and same is with the TOC which is over stretched in four pages. Content Structure….??? Don’t even think about it…there is only section visible is lifestyle section which is the BOB of G2. Other stories are also not worth to mention.

At a glance, nothing can be appreciated other than the product quality in terms of physical aspects. Clients will definitely feel good to see their creative on such a good quality of paper and that too in larger than average size (and also if it reaches in large numbers of readers).