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Friday, November 24, 2006

'Courage' means 'The Voice'...??

Hi Friends,

Just came across a news/general interest (monthly) magazine- COURAGE. It is 15 issues old magazine and has been published by Courage Publications, Prabha Devi, Mumbai.

Well, in short, I didn’t find anything remarkable or noticeable in this magazine until I looked upon its Hindi edition! I was surprise to see that its Hindi edition has English title!!!

You might be aware that I have been working & watching very closely bi-lingual content (specially, English-Hindi) since last seven years. I know “India Today”, “Outlook”, Osho Times”, “StarDust”,”Gr8”,”Cricket Today”, The Sunday Indian”, “Satellite@internet India” and of course “Overdrive” & “Better Photography” are lots of other English magazines, which have English titles for their respective Hindi Editions. But, these all have kept the same name of their English edition, no one Hindi edition is carrying different name from the English edition. Either they have kept the same name or if they have changed, then they have given new name in Hindi for their Hindi edition. For example, “New Woman” has “Sangini” or “Times of India” has “Navbharat Times” or “Hindustan Times” has “Hindustan” etc.

But here, I saw a unique title- “THE VOICE”, which was in written in Hindi script for a Hindi Edition of an existing English magazine- “COURAGE”. I can understand that if one magazine in English is already established in the market and has got a decent brand recall by name itself, its always good to keep the same name for its Hindi Edition, But just cant see any reason to keep it different and that too not in Hindi?? Interestingly, both the editions of this magazine, English and Hindi, were launched at the same time last year and are kept the same cover price- Rs 20.

Please share your views/opinion on this or if you have also come across similar kind of instance in some time.

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