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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

PC World has opened its wings in full capacities

(was written on: October 6, 2006)

Hi Friends,

You might be aware of PCW India (Pub: IDG India, Bangalore) was launched 4 months back with lots of noise and edit-marketing-distribution innovations. It was India’s first magazine which was providing free Dual Layer DVD along with the every issue at special inaugural price of Rs60. For distributors also IDG had announced some incentive scheme to push it hard on news stands.

So far, it seems that all is going well as per their plan. This week, 4th issue, the MEGA issue of PCW of 260 pages – BUYERS GUIDE SPECIAL is released at the increased (and now regular) cover price of Rs100. I must say, editorially it is the superb issue!!!

Cover story is “WHAT (NOT) TO BUY- expert advice on selecting the RIGHT gadgets & PC gear” which is crafted very well keeping festive season in the mind. From camcorders and cell phones to hard disks, motherboards, desktops, laptops, PDAs, home theaters to hi-fi speakers and MFDs…everything is explained along with the demystifying sales jargon and without giving long-long tech-specs which rather make readers more confused.

Other leading stories are on buying Digital cameras, upgrading your existing PC, 50 ways to get more out of your applications and 11 pages of easy tips. Along with the regular product reviews, news & trends this issue is carrying a wonderful special section of 58 (yellow) pages- Visual Workshops, which are nicely laid out step-by-step DIY kind of workshops.

In all, its really a collector’s issue for any prospective buyer, whether he is geek or layman. Issue is well planned & also well designed.

Well, PCW is trying hard to get back its reputation & position which it had one and half decades before. In this mega issue, they have managed to bag around 45 pages of ads along with some good deal with Google. That’s why beautiful & notable packaging of this issue has branding of Google on this face & back of the pack. Every issue is also carrying Google Adword’s coupon worth Rs.1000.

I would also like to mention here that Dual Layer DVD with every issue is becoming a USP for PCW, according to news stand guys. This issue is carrying video from editor along with a video tutorial plus google utilities. Apart from these it has lots of full products & full length movie- The Street Fighter.

Latest issue is with me, just in case you want to have a look.

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