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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Content is King(size)!

(was written on: May 23, 2006)

Hi friends,

Do you remember January 06 issue of Cosmopolitan?
Oki…here is the clue- Sush was on the cover…remember?
Oki…another clue- the BIG size magazine…remember?

Hmmmm…Now you got it.

After the great success of that particular issue, another HULK sized issue of this mega-zine is released last week. This issue is superb in terms of visibility having Koena on the cover. You just can’t miss it on news stand even if you are not from its core audience. It works like POP by itself.

In terms of advertisements, content, number of pages, innovations…everything is impressive. This giant & swimsuit special issue consists of 426 pages and is available at 75Rs only!!! I was talking to news stand guy about its sale, and as expected, he was happy with the fast movement.

I think, it’s a great example of coordination and perfect planning of Editorial and Sales/marketing team, because it is just not possible to come out with such a great product otherwise. And that too on the same cover price, which guarantees the higher sale.

Copy of this issue is with me, just in case you want to have a look.
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