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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Naya. Aur Bhi Behtar. Better Interior!

(was written on: September 21, 2006)

Trust me…I am not getting biased that it is our own magazine nor I am trying to impress BI team's Girls!

Just got the chance to have a look on the latest (October 2006) issue of BI. It is really a wonderful & clearly noticeable makeover, exactly the way it should be. Not only cosmetically but editorially also, right starting from Editorial to Resource Zone, every section is clearly face lifted.

Sections names are changed in such a way that they are very clear to state their usability & the nature of content they are carrying. In this way, I think BI seems a practical guide for a reader who can learn & do himself instead of considering it as a catalog or showcase only.

Cover story- 25 DIY ideas for Diwali is a really very practical & relevant story, which can make a deep impact on reader's mind if even a single idea clicks to a reader and he implements that to décor his home. Other sections like- design matters, at home (for residential), at work (for commercial) and at ease (for hospitality etc) are also well presented & look useful.

Lay out of each article is improved and a more informative and well presented, credit goes to Mona- Sr. Designer.

Let me confess that I needed more time to go through this issue in detail, but couldn't stop myself to share my first feelings with all of you. I would request all of you editgroup members to grab the copy and share your opinion and feedback with us. Not only for the sake of editorial feedback, but you would definitely love this issue, if you are planning to shop or interior work for your home on this festival.

Brilliant job done by Rupali and her team…Keep it up BI Girls!

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