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Wednesday, November 15, 2006


(was written on: October 12, 2006)

Hi Friends,

I have been always admiring content quality, presentation, editorial approach of OUTLOOK group products, whether it is Outlook Weekly or Outlook Travellers or Outlook L&S or Marie Claire or any special or anniversary issues.

We have seen Outlook weekly’s 10th anniversary issue was Giant and it was superb in terms of editorial content. On the contrary, India Today hasn’t reached even closer to the quality of Outlook’s specials.

Anyways, 11th issue of Outlook weekly is released last week. It is good and worth reading because of various columns from top journalists. At least not look alike 11 this, 11 that and all stupid compilations. Other than that it is bundled with free copy of inaugural issue of MUMBAI CITY LIMITS, another city magazine. I must say, it is what actually disappointed me. I couldn’t expect such a poorly structured magazine from Outlook. It is not worth of a look even it is coming free with outlook. I cant see any reason to buy it, if they planning it to sell separately on the stands. Its Competitor, SIMPLY MUMBAI is still coming free with INDIA TODAY, which is far better than this new launch. If I would have to buy a city magazine, I would buy more informative and interesting INFOMEDIA CITY GUIDE or MUMBAI TIME OUT.

And BTW, This month’s MAXIM is also released and guys, this issue is not just a Bomb, its DYNAMITE!!! If you want, you can check with me before it gets exploded!

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