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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Another entrant in lifestyle magazines segment...

(was written on: May 9, 2006)


Yes friends, its OK! Another Phoren magazine in Desi flavor.

Its about lifestyle, but not about your lifestyle or mine, until they see us as a ‘celebrity’ :-)

You might be aware that OK! USA is a weekly magazine which talks about celebrities’ life. It carries big photographs of celebrities from TV & Movies, their b’day parties, their affairs, their break-ups, their make-ups, their weddings, their divorces, their babies, their holidays, their favorites…everything. Every personal aspect of celebrity, which a crazy (fan) reader wants to know, is there in this weekly.

Can you guess who has dared to peep into Indian celebrities personal lives? Who has launched OK! in India??? None other than Dr. Vijay Mallya!

OK! India is released by VJM media this month only as a monthly(!) magazine priced at 100Rs. Center pinned 114 pages magazine has mix of desi & phoren content which is edited by Sonali Velinker-Kamat (MIDDAY’s Sonali’s Society columnist).

Well, at a glance, I can’t see this as a great content package. Similar to other publications (Cineblitz, Hi!) from the same media house, it also has poor production quality, poor design & layout. I don’t feel that its phoren content will appeal to our desi janata. Can you believe that inaugural issue of OK! India has phoren celebrity on the cover-Jennifer Anniston and the cover story is – ‘Brad made me feel Secure’!!!

Let’s see, where this magazine will be after a few issues. At least Dr. Mallya can force Kingfisher travelers to go through it but who will prefer to see just photographs than Kingfisher’s flying hostesses ;-)

If you want to have a look upon this magazine without spending 100 bucks, it’s with me (Image of USA cover is attached).

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