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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Men's Health: A 'complete diet' for Indian men

Hi Friends,

After touching the sales of four million in 43 other countries, Men's Health is reached in India. The India Today Group has launched this Indian edition at cover price of Rs.50 in this November 06.

Well, I like the inaugural issue of "Men's Health" so much that I can refer it as a complete dose for a man. It is carrying information & tips Men's fitness, health, nutrition, sex, relationships, style, fashion, gear…! I found it very content heavy, you really find lots of things to read in it…and most importantly, all the articles are very short and tightly written. That's why, I personally like that one can easily go through any article if he likes and if doesn’t like it, he doesn't lose so many pages from the magazine.

In this way, inaugural issue is carrying 36 features/articles apart from the regular sections/columns. Magazine's content richness starts right from the cover which is carrying 15 different stories on it and one big picture of Sameer Sharma, a model. Though, we are not used to see this kind of text heavy covers on one hand, but here, after going through the issue, it doesn’t look over-written. It seems justified.

Cover design is excellent in that way, they have used very smartly, two fonts only, to put this much text on the cover. They have used 'numbers' also on the cover in lots of stories like- 9 Rules you must break today, 7 Life lessons by SRK, lose 23 Kg, 26 Style Tips, 4 Brain Boosters, 1 Fat-free butter chicken…

Oh yes, forgot to mention that the cover story for the inaugural issue is "MH Int'l SEX survey" and the complete article is sold to KS…:)

And looking at the content density and quality, cover price also seems justified.

BTW, You can see a dummy issue of "Men's Health' at

As of now, I think it can get the position for men, which has achieved Cosmopolitan for Women…Lets see. Share your opinion also.

A copy of inaugural issue is with me, if you want to have a look.

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