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Friday, November 24, 2006

Aaaii T3...

Hi Friends,

Just hang on… I am not talking about T3…:-)

It is- Information. Technology. Today. Tomorrow. The tagline of I.T.- Information Technology Magazine.

The word “Information Technology” is become so broad now a days that it’s almost impossible to manage the content structure for any monthly magazine like ‘IT’. You might be aware that “I.T.-Information Technology” is published by EFY Enterprises Pvt. Ltd., who is also publisher of- Electronics for You, BenefIT, Linux for you, ePOWER, Facts for you etc.

I.T. has completed its 15years of publication this month and latest issue is available on news stands at cover price of Rs.30.

Well, magazine has already lost its charm long back though EFY still has some recall because of lots of Engineering/Diploma students and LFY because of very limited but still loyal, Linux lovers in count. IT seems very confused editorially or lost somewhere because of the fast expansion of technology domain, which can’t be covered in 100 pages monthly magazine et al. I think IT should have done their product re-positioning exercise long ago. As of now, product seems unorganized collection of everything, which has technology in it- whether it is consumer or enterprise or storage or application or networking or OS…everything. Even they try to cater a very broad user base in terms of skill level, from a novice to Administrator level. And that is why magazine doesn’t appear with sharp focus and clear-cut road map.

May be, this is because they generate content with the help of readers whom they appeal in every issue to send their articles on “Technology”; yes, anybody who can write about “technology-related” issues, can send his write-up for IT editorial. No wonder, they are publishing the mix junk cocktail of what they must be receiving.

Design and layout is also poor. For a change, they have put new master head on the cover this time. Let’s see, if it is for this special issue or it’s going to be like this only. Style-sheet seems alien’s term to their designers, that’s why you can find lots of ‘experiments’ and inconsistencies on every other page.

Still they are enjoying and celebrating their 15th anniversary. Issue is with me, if you want to have a look.

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