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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Marie Claire- India Edition

(was written on: June 2, 2006)

Hi Friends,

LET ME BE ME- is the tag line of ‘Marie Claire’, a woman’s magazine which is released today in India.

You might be aware that Marie Claire is already being published in 25 countries and the Indian edition is launched by Outlook Group. Inaugural Issue is consisting of 228 pages at the cover price of 50Rs. Inaugural issue is having Preity Zinta on the cover. (Do you remember, agencyfaq was running a contest last month for guessing the cover girl for the inaugural issue?).

Content is largely divided into three sections- People, Fashion & Beauty. Another major content component is ‘for buyers’ which is scattered through out the magazine in pieces. Story contribution for the first issue is pretty good.

Design & layout has lots of experiments (or variations) which doesn’t leave any style impact on readers mind.

I like the idea of putting letters written by the editors of other editions of Marie Claire in the ‘Letters’ section of the first Issue.

Just have a look and share your opinion on the forum.