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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

(Im)perfect planning!

(was written on: June 30, 2006)

Hi Friends,

Second blunder in MAXIM! No…no…Khushboo's picture morphing wasn't the first one! It was the spine of the magazine, which was repeated by mistake and their entire year's plan went into the drain.

Lesson: Perfect planning requires perfect execution. 'Long term plan' can be derailed by some silly mistakes, so we should be extra careful for even small things.

Their short term plan also didn't work well. They had published the cover-shot in various magazines as a teaser ad for June issue of MAXIM. On the cover they had shown Koena Mitra's photograph for their regular section called 'Sexy Girl Overloaded'.

In a way, it looks fine that they are so planned that they could made cover well in advance and they can market as well. I think, they went one step further and they printed actual cover for entire print run in advance! Well till now, everything looks perfect & smooth going.

God only knows, what went wrong after that and when I saw the actual June issue of MAXIM, it has a sticker pasted on Koena's photograph and some another girl- Natasha is featured. Probably, due to miscommunication or lack of co-ordination between Marketing and Editorial teams! So, MAXIM's latest issue is available on the news stand with a sticker on the cover!

Lesson: Perfect planning requires perfect communication also to be implemented perfectly!