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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

What were they thinking?

(was written on: June 8, 2006)

Hi Friends,

Reader’s Digest has released “21st Century Woman special” this week as first issue in the series. It has “RD Special Collector’s Edition” logo on the cover and size of the magazine is not as the regular pocket sized RD has, it is in the size of India Today regular magazine.

According to Sathya Sharan (consulting Editor), she knows very clearly that woman wants the best in everything and she has put the best in the same issue. Well, after going through the issue, I am wondering what was thought behind this very odd special(?). Its absolutely disappointing for a regular RD reader. I just could not relate it with the RD regular. Otherwise, it has Jewellery, Dishes, Money, Career, Hosting, Parenting, Travel etc in editorial content.

Looking at the content & design, its really a collector’s issue ;-) You should keep this issue always in front of your eyes to remember that these things you should NOT do in your magazine. Same is with the design & layout. It can be used as reference book for every designer to NOT to follow the things. Cover is equally poor. I know, RD regular is also not known for great covers, but here its worse. Badly laid out & placed cover stories and other elements on the cover…its horrible.

This 136 pages big special issue is priced at 50Rs and they have managed to get 17 pages of Ads.

I would not recommend anybody to buy this, its with me if you want to confirm my opinion.

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