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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Traveled for 5 miles!

(was written on: June 8, 2006)

Hi Friends,

“Outlook Traveller” is celebrating its 5th anniversary this month. The issue is simply great and it’s really a collector’s issue. It’s a brilliant package in terms of content selection as well as fresh design so that reading this issue virtually takes you to the destinations.

Taking “FIVE” as the theme, issue has 5 features along with lots interesting gems like- 5 writers, 5 Photographers, 5 train journeys, 5 coastal destinations, 5 summer wildlife, 5 places you can never go, 5 festivals etc…

Apart from this, it has nice travel photo collection of 22 pages from its past issues. It really gives you pleasant reading.

You might remember that Outlook has done same remarkable job in 10th anniversary issue of Outlook weekly. That issue was really a collector’s issue for everyone who is in the journalism. It was good collection of classic writings from various journalism gurus. I think, Outlook is doing excellent work when it comes to some special or compilation or anniversary issue.

Interestingly, “Travel Plus” (India Today) is also celebrating its 10th anniversary in same month and both are available on same cover price at Rs.50. But, I personally liked “OT” than “TP”!!!

If you get the chance to have a look upon both, please try to figure out what makes you to pick one out of those…is it cover or is it content or is it packaging or something else... because few things are common in these two, like- both are traveling magazines, both are celebrating their anniversaries, both are at 50rs…

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