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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

BT (mange) MORE!

(was written on: August 14, 2006)

Dear Friends,

Lifestyle is become a buzzword now a days. Everybody and everyone is talking about lifestyle. I remember, we had to lose a few good designers and copy desk joinees just because they wanted to join a lifestyle magazine!!

The word lifestyle is reached at the level of our DNA of our society. The same was realised by Editor-in-Chief, Aroon Purie when he heard this word from his barber.

Last week another lifestyle magazine, BT MORE is launched by the Living Media India Ltd. Mr. Purie position this magazine as a magazine which will keep readers informed about the trends & the products that affect their lifestyle both at work and home. Every issue will be theme based.

Guess what they would have selected for the inaugural issue as the theme??

Gadgets & Gizmos…what else!!! From laptops, to mobile phones to digital cameras to personal music players to LCD/Plasma TVs to DVD players to Speakers to what not!

Well, content looks good, but not the layout & design. It could be far superior as it has broader sheet magazine. Center pinned issue of 74 pages is carrying 23 ad pages.

T3 guys, your cover has got competition now!

As of now, it’s a BI-monthly magazine and being distributed FREE with the regular issue of Business Today i.e. you can get this inaugural issue in Rs.10 only!