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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

SUPREMACY- A Gujrati Thaali!

(was written on: June 26, 2006)

Hi Friends,

If everything is covered, they call it- General Interest Magazine. Publisher Sunjeev Maheshwari has made his Hat-Trick this week with the launch of their third publication in six months duration- SUPREMACY. It covers- Everything! It targets- well, Everybody!

This 82 pages monthly magazine is trying to feed everything to everybody in 30Rs. It has Politics, International affairs, Diplomacy, NRIs, Business, Investment, Health & Fitness, Careers, relationships, books & food and what not. Editor Ajay Kumar dreams to make this magazine to position as a mirror to the culture & society (?)!

You might be aware that in January of this year, Mr. Maheshwari has already banged the news stand with the magazine "The Observer Of Management Education" followed by the launch of niche(!) Hindi political Magazine "Ekta Chakra". Unfortunately, I haven't seen either of those two.

I am confused what is poorer in Supremacy, content or production quality? Still, if anybody wants to have a look, its with me.

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