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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

10 on 30...

(was written on: June 28, 2006)

Hi Friends,

Remember OUTLOOK’s 10th anniversary issue??

All I can say, editorially, it was a great issue. Superb collection of master piece write-ups from the legendry journalists, which could be a great institution in itself for many of us. I could see a great efforts & perfect planning behind the issue, which really made it a collector’s issue for a reader.

This week, INDIA TODAY has completed its 30 years long journey and come up with 186 pages heavy 30th Anniversary issue. Again, Its good, its collector’s issue (as they claim), but despite of being a leading media house, big brand, long existing credibility, it’s not at par where Outlook’s was.

Yes, “India Today” has put lots of efforts to compile many 30s like- 30Golden Moments, 30 Famous Quotes, 30 Scams, 30 Political Moments, 30 monuments, 30 destinations, 30 design Ideas, 30 TV characters, 30 powerful advertisements, 30 Romantic scenes from bollywood, 30 TV characters, 30 famous bollywood dialogs, 30 restaurants, 30 economics miles stones, 30 cool gadgets, 30 yesterday’s headline grabbers, 30 artists and so on…and it makes it really very interesting to read. But it’s for once only. It’s like you are reading some news paper supplement on casual basis and then you don’t require keeping it for reference; I mean it has no reference value which I found in Outlook’s issue.

I would like to mention one great thing about this issue is its copywriting. Many of us can learn to write better copy, catchy headings, powerful subheadings within very limited words. Apart from Mr. Arun Purie’s edit page, guest pages by Amartya Sen, Ramchandra Guha & Dominique Lapierre are also worth to read.

Not comparable with Outlook’s issue, still IT’s 30 anniversary issue is worth to go through once. Don’t miss it!

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