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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

The Sunday Indian: he is MANAGING the NEWS!!

(was written on: October 6, 2006)

Hi Friends,

Do you know what is common among fairly successful business magazines- “4Ps- Business & Marketing”, “Business and Economy” and Sunny Deol starrer bollywood masala film- “Rok sako to rok lo”???

Well, if you don’t have any idea, let me tell you that all of these ventures are outcome of the brain of Management Guru and the founder of GIDF (Great Indian Dream Foundation), a PR firm- ICPAR and an ad agency-Planman life, Prof. ARINDAM CHAUDHURI.

In the last few years, we have seen lots of new arrivals of news based ventures in news papers, magazines and TV channels, Arindam is also trying his luck in the same. His latest venture is launched two days back in the form of a weekly News magazine- THE SUNDAY INDIAN. This is world’s first magazine which launched simultaneously in five different languages- English, Hindi, Bangla, Tamil and Gujarati. His 68 men edit team is headed by Sharad Gupta & Vijay Simha. Other prominent names are- A. Sandeep, Sutanu Guru, Prasoon Majumdar, Prashanto Banerji and Malay Chaudhuri.

Arindam also recognize the challenge of competing with other established news magazines and mainly he quotes India Today, but he is confident the he will make a difference as his editorial’s title itself claims-We will change your outlook (though his movie’s title was also very arrogant, but it fall down very badly…I hope that the same would not be happen with his magazine).

Well, first issue is released and it is looking really well designed and well thought magazine if I compare it with last year released other few magazines like “Senior India”, “Har Shanivaar” and “Santulan” etc. Inaugural issue is consisting of 74 pages which is smartly divided into various important and relevant sections for International and national affaires, Special reports, Features, Sports, Economics, Columns, Films & Theatre, Lifestyle, Relationships, Books & CD/DVDs and Gossips. Content is well analyzed and pages are also beautifully laid out which give an ease while reading. But, Master Head and cover design is poor.
Since, he is a good PR person, he has managed to receive letters from Chandra Shekhar (former PM), Bhairon Singh Shekhawat (VP of India), Sharad Yadav (President JD), HD Deve Gowda (Former PM), Girija Vyas (Chairperson, NCW), AB Bardhan & D Raja (CPI) and Sitaram Yechury (Rajya Sabha MP) which are published in readers letters column.

Overall, The Sunday Indian at Rs.20 is worth to buy. I hope that even if it cant beat India Today or Outlook, still will be able to create its own space in the market. I have seen the fast pickup of the inaugural issue last night in one hour’s time at one book stall in Navi Mumbai itself. It may be because of advertisement of its launch which you can see on IBN7 channel also.

Its Hindi & English versions are with me if you want a have a look.

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