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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Multiple covers for the same issue

Hi Friends,

Publishers are trying double or Triple or Quadruple covers to attract news stand buyers. More and More magazines are going for this approach of giving multiple covers to the readers in the hopes that-
1. at least any of the cover will appeal to someone OR
2. someone will buy more than one cover with the same content ;-)

By the way, the magazine holding the record for the number of split covers for the same issue is TV Guide with their Star Trek 35th anniversary issue. That week they had 35 different covers.

Here are a few examples of such issues:

Entertainment Weekly (5 Covers)

Fitness (2 Covers)

Giant (2 Covers)

Bazaar (2 Covers)

Boca (5 Covers)

Golf (3 Covers)

(Source of cover images: )