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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Haute: Just another life style magazine!

Hi Friends,

Just came across another life style magazine- HAUTE…no no…its niether Haute Living nor Haute Dolls nor Haute Handbags… its a quarterly publication of haute media pvt ltd. and edited by ex-model and page 3 face- Queenie Dhody.

Haute is targeting to the premium class of society and will be catering jewellery trends (hmmmm…evreybody, now a days has eye on gems & jewllery industry), fashion and luxury, lifestyle and events. In the inaugural issue- Sep-Nov06- miss world Lara dutta was first cover girl and the issue was published in association with DTC- Diamond Trading Company and that's why issue is also carrying a welcome note by MD- DTC- Cherie Tandon Saldahna.

At a glance, this broad sized magazine gives me a mix feeling to like and dislike it. I like the wide range of articles/write-ups/feature they have put in the first issue- 34 plus and that too within 144 pages only (including ads). Its gives a feel of lots of reading material for a reader but obviously the kind of paper and content-pictures they have, they could do better production and design-layout also. In some articles it's done beautifully but in some articles it's inconsistent. May be, it's because of the first issue and they don’t have any proper style sheet yet.

Let's see with the next issues. Till then, you can share your views on the same.

Further, I have also got a glance of just-another-life-style-magazine on a new stand- HOT, yes it's HOT. It's again a quarterly magazine, I think at the cover price of Rs200 or Rs300 (I don’t remember right now). I saw it on a news stand but I could buy that time and now I cant find it. Its carrying one plain, completely plain orange cover and big HOT is written on the cover..That's it.

Has anybody got this issue and want to share it?