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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Multiple cover blunder!

Hi Friends,

It may be a good idea of publishing an issue with different covers for different TG sometimes, but it must be well thought, well calculated and well executed. Do you remember one of my mails in which I have mentioned the goofup in the Spine of MAXIM India. They had repeated the previous month’s spine in the next months cover. It wasn’t a small mistake because due to this mistake their complete plan for the year went into the drain.

It can be even more serious if you do such a silly mistake with the cover and cover story itself. Believe me, it happened with ‘Good Housekeeping’ in April 2006, when they were trying to test with two different Master heads on the same issue, with different treatment, with different color schemes for the logos, lower case-upper case etc… And it wasn’t end of the story.. they went one step ahead and they changed the cover story also. And obviously they needed to change cover model accodringly, where they put a dog’s picture in the place of Geena Devis’s picture.

And mind it, these ‘experimental’ changes were limited upto cover only…rest of the entire magazine was remained same…

…and that was the blunder!

In the content pages, on the page number 5 of the magazine, they had a caption- “On the Cover” refering to Geena and her make-up etc, while in fact few of copies were carrying a pritty dog’s picture on the cover!!

Cover with regular mast head v/s Two colors & lowercase

Cover with a dog's piture & the cover story with the wrong cover

(Source of cover images: )

So friends, be 110% careful about such sily mistakes which can set an example for others to learn:-)