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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Careers 360: Right Information in a Wrong way!

Just about twenty years back, engineering or medical used to be the guarantee for the secure & bright future, but today scenario is changed. Youth of today has lots of options and so is confusion. Hence, there was a strong need for such a guide which can mentor any aspiring graduate or mid-career professional. And, a magazine from Pathfinder Publishing Pvt Ltd is here to guide all the aspiring people for taking the right and informed career path to pursue their dreams- Careers360.

Concept & positioning of this monthly magazine is perfectly fine. Entire magazine of 112 pages are carrying a good number of articles to read. It is quite visible that the information & facts given in the articles are enormous. Magazine covers a vast range from schools reviews, career reviews, courses reviews, interviews with career experts & successful role models, competition guides etc.

Launch issue of Careers360 is carrying a survey on ‘10 best courses and careers’ as the cover story which is a fairly done study and it has lots of needed information in it. Apart from this cover story other articles are also well written and supporting the positioning of the magazine.

But each article looks good when it is seen individually. Just a collection of a few good articles doesn’t make a good magazine. This magazine has no content structure and that is why it doesn’t leave a good impression as a magazine after reading it.

It is not as good as content is. In fact Poor and flawed design overshadows the quality of content. Basics of page layouts like grids, columns, styles are not followed properly. Layout & design has lots of inconsistencies which makes the entire magazine a substandard product.

Prepress work is mediocre and could be improved further to take the quality of the magazine to the new heights. Printing is good, except of few places.

Since the nature of the magazine is informative & educative, so the quality of paper & magazine binding is kept average. Monthly Careers360 is priced at Rs.40 which looking at the articles & its information is perfectly fine.

For an aspiring student, I see a lot of value in the magazine and if its structure & design improves, this can create a huge reader base in very short duration.

Content .....................: ●●●○○
Design & Layout ........: ●◐○○○
Printing ......................: ●●●◐○
Product ......................: ●●○○○
Value for Money .........: ●●●○○
‘VIRDI’CT ....................: ●●◐○○

How to use ‘VIRDI’CT..??
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