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Saturday, May 02, 2009

YUVA: Overconfident!

YUVA is a fortnightly magazine that is launched last week by e-sense entertainment pvt Ltd. As claimed in publisher’s note, YUVA is going to target entire youth of between 18-30years of age and will become a movement (!?) to help them to bring a change in the country!!! But after seeing the execution, in terms of first issue of YUVA, I would call it overconfidence!

Publishers of YUVA might have thought that youth can be related to everything- politics, environment, economy, business, trends, career, lifestyle, relationships, health and lots of day to day issues of lives- so let’s start a unique magazine to hook them together and change the nation. In my understanding, YUVA is not doing anything which is never done earlier. Probably they should know that this genre is called ‘general interest’ and so many other magazines are already there in the same space. And if it is about targeting youth, again there are a lot in that space also like JAM, IGT, JLT and earlier version of YUVA… and we all know their credibility!

When you claim that it is covering everything, it precisely means that it has no focus. While trying to cater all the needs of youth, YUVA has become ‘khichadi’ only. It has no defined edit structure, no focus, no philosophy come through its articles… Topics are picked up on random rather on availability basis. Each article is written & structured in its own style, there is no consistency and not a single thought is coming out while going through article by article.

Cover of the launch issue of YUVA is conceptualized as if it is one of the current affair magazines. It has election (Gandhi vs Gandhi) as the main story and IPL in one corner… nothing else there that can show its ‘wide’ range of content coverage!

You keep on reading YUVA from start to end and you will not able to know the direction where it wants to lead the youth and the nation ultimately!

Same ‘philosophy’ is reflected in its design also… philosophy of doing everything in one magazine! I think that designers were left free to implement their own style to design every single page separately, and that is why entire launch issue of YUVA has become like a catalog of so many design templates. Each page has so many and so different design elements that each page is looking different from each other. Not a single page seems that it belongs to the one single magazine only.

What worse could be done that it has no consistent grid or body copy style in the magazine and that you can not do in the name of ‘contemporary youth’ or ‘creativity’. On the cover itself, there are so many unnecessary effects & design elements are put and those are adding no value to the design.

Illustrations used inside the pages are very unprofessional that also adds one more negative in its design.

That is one thing which is reasonably good. At least press has done its job effectively, whatever is given to print, is printed well. Few images are of low resolution and in return they are printed pixellated. Lots of photographs are printed in unrealistic & unnatural colors and that shows the poor prepress work as well. It would have printed even better if prepress has done their job perfectly.

Paper used for the magazine is good. YUVA is a center pinned magazine of 100-110 pages of regular A4 size and it is priced at Rs30. If you can appreciate a collection of various colored magazines of your local newspaper, its good deal.

YUVA seems nothing more than an unprofessional compilation of color supplements which has features, gadgets, roadside nonsense surveys, jokes, tarot and whatever unimportant you can think.

Content .....................: ●◐○○○
Design & Layout ........: ●○○○○
Printing ......................: ●●●○○
Product ......................: ●●○○○
Value for Money .........: ●○○○○
‘VIRDI’CT ....................: ●○○○○

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