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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Cheers Men... your world got bigger, better and bolder!

Yes, its seems the time for a change for everyone. In last few weeks or months, so many magazines have redesigned and revamped. Few have got a new look, few have a new periodicity, few have got entirely new avatar…Makeover for improvement, change for betterment.

Filmfare, Maxim, AVMax, Mans' World are the few names, who have got new faces recently.

You must be aware that Filmfare, a publication of Worldwide Media, has gone fortnightly last month as it was earlier a monthly magazine for around 54 years. This new periodicity will allow them to put newsier & interactive content for their readers which was the growing demand. This is not the only change, In fact WWM is also launching a German edition for the same in the month of February to make it global.

Maxim and AVmax are other two magazines which has got some cosmetic changes in their design. Maxim, when it was launched around two years back in India, was very close to their parental magazine. Though it was customized according to our audience and country norms, still it used to give the same feel of original Maxim. Now, with new design changes that feel is gone. I understand that design is something which is personal in a way but I didn’t like it new avatar, it was far better as it was earlier.

At the same time, AVMAX has got superb facelift. All of sudden it gives you as if you are going through some international magazine, strong Master head, bold & properly placed cover stories, layout of inside pages, everything seems improved. What a design & layout can do with a magazine, this can be a great example to prove that. Without changing its content structure, only design style sheet has offered a great reading friendliness in it.

MW, a new master head for 8years old, men magazine, Mans' World also got revamped this month. Its got bigger (in the size of T3, World's no.1 gadget magazine), better & bolder as they claim it on the cover itself; and I second it. Since, 8 years this magazine has been constantly feeding men's content quench. But, since last two years it was losing its mind share because of other competitor launches like Maxim, Ampersand, The Man, FHM etc.

This new, bigger avatar is for sure a great change they have made to get back at its position. Content wise its almost same as it was earlier except a new business section, DOSSIER is introduced and Gallery section where they used to showcase upcoming & grooming models is shifted right in the FOB section with a new name called MW Eye-Opener. Design wise it has improved significantly, there are lots of subtle changes which keep a readers connected with their old layout and there are changes like, body copy font, few sections' headings, of course the physical size & master head are the obvious changes which gives a reader the great offering. Over all MW is looking great after its makeover.