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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Parenting & You: Parenting was not that easy before!

EuroKids International, the Pre School specialist has launched this magazine called- "Parenting & You". Targeting parents, its inaugural issue (December 08) is carrying more than two dozens of articles to provide its readers new & different insights. It is conceived to empower parents in bringing up kids from the age of two to twelve.

Poorly rather I can say, not structured at all. It simply starts throwing articles on readers face right from the beginning of the magazine. There are no lows, highs, peaks, entries, exits in the magazine content structure. You find same kind of article in the beginning of the magazine as well as the middle and in the end of the magazine. Lots of articles for sure could be clubbed together to form some sections/subsections which could provide some shape to the magazine. Few of articles even are not related to the subject, but are there. And carrying such articles in the very first issue shows lack of editorial guidelines.

Average. Sometimes its good to keep things simple to avoid the scope of mistakes. Unknowingly or deliberately, Design & layout of "Parenting & You" was so simple that there was no chance to do anything wrong with it. Since there was no content structure, there was no need to create variety in design. Every article is laid out in one plain grid, so in a way its good that there is consistency. But on the same time, not attractive too. I missed illustrations & info graphics elements in this magazine. Cover of inaugural issue is also cluttered & it is designed badly.

More or less, print quality is good, but pre production work is poor. Lots of images appears as were taken in low resolution from the net and lot were not color corrected properly. A couple of pages are the result of poor registration which could be easily taken care.

It is not a fashion or glamour magazine, so paper used for the P&Y is just fine. Looking at subject's requirement, 96 center pinned pages are good enough but as a complete product in small size (Readers’ Digest size), it seems little expensive at the cover price of Rs.40.

As the subject, there is vast scope of creating or collating content related to the topic. At the same time it becomes even bigger challenge to reject or remove least important content out of that stack. And putting them straight without any structure kills the overall presentation of content. Same is happened with Parenting & You.

Content .....................: ●●○○○
Design & Layout ........: ●●◐○○
Printing ......................: ●●●○○
Product ......................: ●●◐○○
Value for Money .........: ●●◐○○
‘VIRDI’CT ....................: ●●◐○○

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