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Monday, December 10, 2007

FAD: Magazine on Fashion day 2 day!

FAD- a fashion magazine, as claimed by publisher, Pankaj Burande of Leela Publication House looks totally confused and lost to be in every space along with the fashion, though its tag line- 'fashion day-2 day' indicates its absolutely different positioning.

Because of its scattered nature of content, its very difficult to determine to whom they are targeting. And still editor of FAD, Saai Vijayaa Venkat calls it a niche magazine for fashion and trends. Apart from its core subject, FAD also covers food, wine, beauty care, spa, interior, gizmos, travel etc. Above all, it also carries irrelevant features on eco friendliness, animal friendliness, Juices, gastronomy & organic foods and what not...!

Mediocre! No style sheet is followed and that is why there lots of inconsistencies in layouts & designs. Because of poor visualization they have simply managed to spoil a few of very good photographs. Art director should have thought of the nature of the magazine that its going to be fashion magazine and that is why its going to carry a huge burden on its design & visual appeal of pages. Lots of thick frames give a clutter look on pages. Cover image is excellent for this issue but the way text & stories are put on that image, its looking sad.

Printing is good in terms of sharpness of photographs and text is also looks very sharp & great. But colors correction is poor in photographs and produces false skin colors in the magazine.

Being a fashion magazine, which supposed to carry lots of visual elements, require a good quality of page. FAD is using quite a decent page which do justice with the perception of this kind of magazines. Hundred pages fat FAD is priced at Rs.60 which is good as looking at the product.

As conclusion I think it is not a fashion-fashion magazine but its confused magazine in order to attract everybody in it. For a layman's point of view its good for browsing and looking at pages but for a serious fashion enthusiast its not recommendable magazine.

Content ......................: ●●○○○
Design & Layout ........: ●●○○○
Printing ......................: ●●●○○
Product ......................: ●●●○○
Value for Money ........: ●●○○○
‘VIRDI’CT ...................: ●●○○○

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