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Saturday, October 20, 2007

India Boating: Luxurious adventure on the water

A very niche and India’s first luxury boating magazine, INDIABOATING is launched recently by Bluewater Publications Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai at the cover price of Rs.300.

It was launched on the right time when the first edition of the Mumbai International boat show was opened for the very exclusive preview for the VVIPs in the Mumbai from the business class to the Page3 celebrities.

FOB is all about news, events, shows, interviews and is about what’s happening in boating around the world. Reviews, Races, Sailing Destinations are the really interesting sections where readers can find insightful reviews on newly launched boats & yachts and can also know about various destinations and racing events who are passionate for these kind of sports/adventure.

Not as impressive as the title of the magazine & the positioning of the product suggests! It disappoints when such a luxurious subject is not laid out as per the demand of the subject. Selection of colors, fonts and grid is just not appropriate and that’s why it doesn’t help to showcase such a stylish content in elegantly.

Printing quality is good in terms of photographs & color reproduction and looks quite a rich.

Paper used for the cover as well as for the main magazine is fairly good. Magazine appears as a luxury magazine when you pick up in your hands but as I said, it disappoints when you go through pages. If design and presentation of the stories could improve, it can be a great product.
To sum up all can say that its first of its kind of magazine, so content will definitely appeal to its target audience. Since, its very niche & expensive also, it will be available on exclusive stores/news stand only or it will be controlled circulated.

Content ....................: ●●●◐○
Design & Layout .......: ●●○○○
Printing .....................: ●●●○○
Product .....................: ●●◐○○
Value for Money ........: ●●●○○
‘VIRDI’CT ...................: ●●◐○○

How to use ‘VIRDI’CT..??
●○○○○ Browse & leave it
●●○○○ Borrow & Read it
●●●○○ Buy it occasionally
●●●●○ Buy regularly
●●●●● Subscribe it now!!!

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