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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Cine Blitz Hindi is launched!

VJM Media, publishers of Cine Blitz, one of very few surviving magazines on Hindi Cinema, has introduced hindi edition of Cine Blitz. Priced at 40Rs. (while English edition is available at Rs50 on news stands), issue is looking great in first glance. I hope you have checked my review on Femina Hindi, which is also launched at same time. I must tell you that Cine Blitz is better 'Hindi version' than the Femina (hindi).

Biggest mistake which happens in translating any content is that its translated verbatim, and that does not connects it readers. It should be re-written for the new TG instead.

One thing I would like to appreciate that they haven't treated the audience differently for the both, english & hindi editions. Hindi edition is carrying same articles in the same month as English edition is carrying unlike Femina (Hindi) which was translated from the previous month's content from the English edition. The subject of the magazine is not like that you can choose which story is relevant for a particular TG depending upon language only. That is why, I personally liked the idea of complete translation of English edition for the Hindi TG.
Though, there are lots of linguistic, translation, spelling, subbing errors in the magazine but again I would give higher ranking than the Femina's translation quality. In some places poor and wrong translation leaves a bad taste in the magazine. If words & spellings can be stylized & consistent, it can create its own space in the market very soon.

It seems that internally even both the versions (English & Hindi) released in same month, still they first layout the English edition and then they just replace text in the same layout for the hindi edition.

It seems that entire English issue is dipped into some 'translating bowl' to replace all the English text with the Hindi text. Everywhere, well almost, every text element is translated and kept at & as it was in English edition of Cine Blitz. If some changes in colors & layout can be made keeping TG in mind, it could be improved.

They could have avoid the blunder they have done on the cover itself it hindi edition also was given the same serious attention. Main Image is showing second layer also right below the mast head and typical spelling errors on the cover give bad impression about the product.

Printing is excellent as it English edition is also known for. Only a few pages have registration error which can be omit hoping that will be rectified in next issues.

Even at marginally low price from its English edition, Cine Blitz (Hindi) is using a good quality of glossy paper. Without dropping any big story from its English edition, it is a thick issue of 110 pages, which is worth to read for any Hindi reader & hindi cinema lover.

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